Russia is developing a hospital-type military bus

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation will spend 117 million rubles on the development of sanitary equipment for installation in wagon-type buses when they are converted to transport the wounded and sick. Development called secretly - "Bus". Works must be completed before November 10, 2019.

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, 117 million rubles were allocated from the state budget for the development of a hospital vehicle. Of these, 3.5 million rubles were to be allocated in 2018, the rest of the funds planned to issue in the current.

The medical evacuation complex based on PAZ-3206 is designed to transport injured fighters who have already received primary care to the hospital for further rehabilitation.

The complex accommodates from 3 to 5 wounded in a prone position and from 3 to 12 in a sitting position. The complex includes: a system for providing an oxygen-nitrogen mixture to the injured, oxygen masks, a defibrillator, anesthesia machines, an electrocardiograph, a cardiomonitor, a device for controlled and auxiliary artificial ventilation of the lungs, a collapsible tripod for infusions and other medical equipment.

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