India tried out light attack helicopter

In India, the light attack helicopter LCH of its own design was tested. During the tests, he was easily able to hit a target flying at a high altitude.

Testing took place in the Indian state of Orissa. According to the developers of the corporation Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, to date, none of the combat helicopters currently in service with the Indian army have comparable tactical and technical characteristics.

About the beginning of the development of a new light helicopter was first announced in the already distant 2006.

The LCH helicopter is designed to support infantry from the air and combat enemy armored equipment, including in the mountains.

The length of the helicopter is 15.8 meters, the diameter of the rotor - 13.3 meters. Maximum take-off weight reaches 5.5 tons. LCH is able to reach speeds of up to 330 km / h and fly to distances of up to 550 km.

The helicopter is armed with a 22 mm aircraft cannon, as well as 70 mm rockets.

Despite the rave reviews of experts, it has not yet been officially announced when the helicopter begins to flow into the troops in series. It is only known that the need for the Indian army in such helicopters is approximately 180 units.

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