Crashed fighter-bomber of the Indian Air Force "Jaguar"

On Monday morning, during the training flight, the fighter-bomber Jaguar of the Indian Air Force crashed. It occurred near the city of Kushinagar (Uttar Pradesh). The pilot managed to eject and survived.

The government has created a special commission to investigate the incident.

According to the Hindustan Times, the plane fell in an uninhabited part of the city. As a result, no victims.


SEPECAT Jaguar - fighter-bomber joint development of the UK (British Aircraft Corporation) and France (Breguet). Three decades, from the beginning of the 70s, was in service with the Air Forces of these countries, and was also exported.

France delivered strike aircraft of this type to India as early as the late 1970s. After that, India has established an independent production of these machines. Since October 2014, India has remained the only country that exploited these aircraft.

Today, the Indian Air Force uses more than 140 products of this type.

Watch the video: AIR FORCE FIGHTER PILOT. Being helped by villagers. (December 2019).


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