Improved Tu-22M3M bomber will fly up to the end of the year

On the eve of the New Year, the first flight of the advanced Tu-22M3M bomber-rocket carrier will take place. As noted in the Russian Ministry of Defense after the inspection, the plane is almost ready to fly.

According to TASS, the Russian bomber-bomber Tu-22M3M has undergone significant modernization and is ready for takeoff. The Defense Ministry noted that the installation of new equipment and systems will improve the accuracy of navigation, the level of automation of machine control, simplify maintenance and pre-flight preparation.

In the course of modernization, the newest digital radio electronics will be installed on the Tu-22M3. That is important, it is developed completely on the Russian element base. In addition, the new bomber will receive modern navigation, communications and sighting equipment, means of electronic warfare. On the machines will apply a new engine management system and fuel automation. This whole set of improvements was the reason for adding the “M3M” marking in the bomber’s designation.

Watch the video: Russia Delays Maiden Flight of Upgraded Tu 22M3M Long Range Bomber (October 2019).


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