Soldiers from the National Guard under led the revolt in Venezuela

In Venezuela, an attempted military coup was thwarted. The rebel group has already laid down their arms and surrendered to the authorities. Representatives of the local authorities promised that everyone who disgraced their weapons by participating in a rebellion would be punished to the fullest extent of the country's laws.

The chairman of the constitutional assembly of the republic, Diosadio Cabello Rondon, said that army units had forced a group of servicemen from the National Guard, who, having arms in their hands, hoped to cause unrest among the country's population.

“Immediately, as soon as the rebel guardsmen noted a speech, we made a counterattack to neutralize the activity of the traitors,” said Rondon.

Chronicle of events

January 21, a group of national guardsmen seized weapons. For some time they were surrounded by special forces. The ring around the rebels closed in the area of ​​San José de Cotis; as a result of the actions of the special forces, the putschists laid down their arms and surrendered to the authorities.

According to Reuters, shortly before the coup, a video was distributed on the Internet, in which a man in the form of a national guard called for the overthrow of the current President Maduro and the restoration of legal order.

After the end of the special operation, the stolen weapon was returned to the storage site. The rioters are detained and confess to the special services and law enforcement officers.

The defense ministry of Venezuela noted that everyone who took part in a speech against the existing system would be severely punished in full compliance with the current legislation.

The actions of the putschists are deemed to be contrary to the basic rules of military discipline. The Ministry of Defense assured that the military does not support the actions of far-right forces and remain loyal to the country's legislation.

On January 15, the National Assembly of Venezuela, most of which consists of opposition-minded deputies, accused the incumbent president of seizing power in the state. A little earlier, US Secretary of State Mark Pompeo made a similar statement.

The presidential elections in Venezuela took place in May 2018. The Central Election Committee of Venezuela recognized Maduro’s victory, but the opposition did not recognize the voting results. They did not recognize the United States and some other countries.

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