Peresvet will again stand for Russia

In the first days of this winter, domestic military lasers "Peresvet" set out on experimental combat duty. This was recently reported by the army publication "Red Star".

Recall, for the first time, laser combat complexes were presented by Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 1, 2018 as part of an appeal to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. The main objectives of Peresvet will be enemy aircraft and missiles encroaching on Russian civilian and military facilities.

It is noteworthy that combat lasers got their name by popular vote. There were several options. Including "Blik" and "Basilisk." But Peresvet won with a big advantage. As the Russian Defense Ministry notes, this is a very good name. After all, Peresvet is the legendary hero of Ancient Russia, who defeated one of the Mamayev bogatyrs in an honest duel and himself laid down his head on the Kulikovo Field. And his modern "namesake" will not disgrace the name of the heroic ancestor.

At the end of March this year in the media there were reports that Peresvety had been delivered to the troops at their places of deployment.

In general, the delivery of combat lasers to the troops began in 2017. Equipping the armed forces with Peresvetami is carried out within the framework of the State Armaments Program

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