Winged infantry of Russia will be transferred to the tanks

Airborne troops will soon be upgraded in a thorough manner. They will be reinforced with tanks and helicopters. And in general, winged infantry units will turn into airborne assault brigades.

As Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu noted, such changes will increase the maneuverability and efficiency of the airborne troops.

What specific changes are expected airborne? For example, they will consist of army aviation units, mainly equipped with helicopters, and air defense units - so that at the most critical moment the paratroopers do not have to turn for help to the VKS. For they will have all their own and always with them.

Recall that during Soviet times, the assault landing brigades were equipped with helicopters of various specializations and equipment: from combat and transport to reconnaissance and spotters. In addition, chemical and radiation reconnaissance vehicles were part of such brigades. The brigades had helicopter units the size of regiments. However, at that time there were not enough weapons and equipment to equip the assault landing brigades. The current military-industrial complex can easily put in the airborne troops the right amount of any necessary equipment.

As for the reinforcement of the Airborne Forces with tank formations, the main military department of the country noted that by the end of the current year in the two airborne assault divisions - the 7th Novorossiysk and the 76th Pskov - would appear on the tank battalion, and the airborne assault brigades would be reinforced tank companies.

According to experts, the land battle is held on infantry, artillery and tanks. And today, the paratroopers are equipped with all these attributes for successful offline combat.

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