Eternity Information Storage

The other day at Southampton University, in the UK, invented something worthy of attention. This is a fundamentally new information storage engine that can survive the Earth.

Five data dimensions

Externally - this is nothing unremarkable thing. Glass circle somewhat reminiscent of a tiny CD-ROM. In fact, this is an innovative 5D concept that can store about 360 terabytes of information for 13 billion years. According to experts, so much data can fit on some 7000 Blu-ray discs with a capacity of 50 gigabytes each. And they will be stored only a few decades.

Why 5D? It's all quite simple. According to the developers, each bit has five basic characteristics: length, width, height, as well as size and orientation. This allows for a huge data recording density compared to conventional compact discs that have 2D memory.

And if before the carriers were fiber optic or magnetic, then the developers of 5D technology have stepped on. The strongest mineral, quartz glass, was used as a storage medium in the new disk. The disk consists of several plates. Each of them is made in a special way using the so-called femtosecond laser recording. The duration of such a femtosecond pulse is one quadrillionth of a second. For those who find it hard to imagine, we explain - this is one millionth one billionth of a second. As a result, nanostructures are created on the disk, reaching 5 microns in size. They are the keepers of information.

And such a super-fast laser records information in three layers. The very same recording occurs as follows. Information is recorded using three layers of nanoholes - voxels (volume pixels), located at a distance of 5 micrometers (one millionth of a meter) from each other. These points change the polarization of the light passing through the disk, which allows you to read the state of the structure with a microscope and polarizer - similar to that used in Polaroid sunglasses.

In lava does not sink - in space does not freeze

The new glass disc is designed for an operating temperature in the region of plus or minus 190 degrees Celsius, and will not be damaged even at a temperature of 1000 C. That is, it does not require special storage conditions: neither zinc sarcophagi nor humidor chambers.

As a demonstration, such eternal documents as the declaration of human rights, Newton's Optics, Magna Carta and Bible of King Jacob have already been recorded on the disc.

Structures that deal with a huge amount of information - museums and libraries have already paid attention to the new technology. It is also logical to assume that the new data collector will help create autonomous intelligent devices with a self-learning function.

The remains of civilization

Unfortunately, such a disk can be read only with a special microscope with a light filter.

In addition, the technology has another side effect - the high price. Therefore, there are serious problems in its commercial use. The most expensive in it is - femtosecond laser. However, the developers do not give up. They are confident that over time, laser technology will enter the life of a person, like a TV or a microwave. And therefore, over time, the price of this novelty will decrease and become more accessible.

It is noteworthy that scientists predicted the existence of each glass disc with a laser recording to 13.8 billion years. But astronomers assure us that the Earth will perish after some 7.5 billion years. And in this situation, the only good news is that in 10-15 billions, alien researchers will study the history of one of the greatest civilizations of the galaxy using these glass ...

Watch the video: 5D Storage Will Preserve Human History for Eternity (October 2019).


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