Traumatic gun Thunder-02: design, advantages and features

Nowadays there is a wide choice of different models and systems in the market of traumatic weapons. Everyone finds for himself exactly what he needs, based on personal preferences. The traumatic gun Thunder-02 is popular in the traumatic market, it is willingly taken by those who not only engage in sports shooting, but also want to have high-quality weapons for self-defense. Let's see what the main advantages of this tool are.

general information

Thunderstorm-02 is produced by the Moscow-based company Tekhnoarms, which has recently become the center for the development of shooting sports in Moscow and the Moscow Region. All the weapons produced by this company are of high quality, reliability and excellent performance.

Like all other types of Thunderstorm pistols, the Model 02 was developed on the basis of a Ukrainian-made complex called the Fort. The basis of this particular type of instrument is the famous Fort-12T. Not only the design is taken from it, but also most of the fundamental parts.

The case of Thunderstorm-02, as well as the magazine and the barrel are made of special steel designed specifically for the production of weapons. Such material makes the gun very durable and reliable. In this respect, of course, the weapon bypasses the "plastic" competitors. For incomplete and quick disassembly of the gun will take a little time, no additional tools will be needed. Before leaving the factory, each pistol undergoes a whole range of checks, with the result that each customer receives an exceptionally high-quality tool.

Thunderstorm-02 device

Thunderstorm-02 is distinguished by a successful design and, as a consequence, good performance characteristics. Automation is built on the standard for this complex scheme - the use of recoil at a free gate. For the correct position of the shutter housing is a special return spring. It is located under the barrel and keeps the cover-bolt in the extreme forward position. The barrel has a rigid fixation on the frame of the gun.

The trigger mechanism is also typical for the whole complex, it is assembled with high quality, so there will be no problems in the process of using weapons. The mechanism is made according to the double-action scheme of the hammer type with an open arrangement and a safety trigger of the trigger.

For the safety of the design meets the special fuse, arranged by the flag type. The lever is located on the left back side of the pistol casing. Activation and deactivation is carried out with the help of light and natural movement with your thumb. Such a fuse protects the owner from accidentally firing in his pocket or in a holster or falling.

The aiming mechanism consists of a front sight and a rear sight, which are installed in the position "dovetail". The owner can shift the aiming mechanism, as well as make all the necessary lateral corrections. The magazine holds 10 cartridges placed in two rows of a chessboard type; when fired, they are rearranged in one row.

Modification Thunderstorm-021?

At the moment, the company "Tehnoarms" is engaged only in the production of an upgraded version of Thunderstorm-021, which is based on the trunk with the design of the Evo. There are almost no external differences to the model, the only feature is the index applied to the body of the gun.

The main difference between the design model 021 is an improved trunk type Evo. New design comes from the popular trunk type v4 / v4.1. By simple solutions designers managed to improve all the characteristics of the gun and make it more practical.

In place of the old obstacles came the modern sleeve, which does not allow for the firing of live ammunition. To extend its service, it was installed immediately after the chamber, which significantly reduces the load on it when firing. It is this kind of modernization of the whole Thunderstorm complex that has become the hallmark of Technoarms.

As soon as the trunks of this design appeared on the Russian market, they immediately surpassed the standard modifications in popularity. The fact is that the Evo is much better at accuracy and reliability. It has a number of advantages that make it better than others:

  • Heap shooting when using cartridges of any power;
  • The spring of the weapon is universal, when changing the type of cartridges it is not necessary to change it;
  • Rollback and feed cartridge is stable when using any charges.

As a result of all this - much better reliability of such barrels in comparison with others. Muzzle energy is not particularly dependent on the energy of the cartridge. Thunderstorm-021 is not inferior in energy released to others when using powerful cartridges and much better than others when using weak charges.

The high quality of the chamber is ensured by perfect polishing and calibration. The weapon shop is strictly adapted to the width of the 9 mm RA cartridge case to eliminate the possibility of firing live ammunition. Due to the special design, the possibility of fixing the cartridge in the upper part of the chamber is completely excluded.

Gun Thunder-021 in the first installment had a number of minor defects. Having collected all the feedback from the first customers, the developers quickly corrected all the flaws, and subsequent batches were almost perfect, reliable weapons. In addition, the Evo barrel increases the energy released by firing weak cartridges, especially with soft bullets.

Recall of the real owner

Dmitry writes: “I chose, first of all, a universal weapon, so that there were no difficulties in choosing ammunition. What I wanted, I installed such ones without additional manipulations. After watching a lot of traumatic weapons, my choice fell on this model with the Evo barrel. Also I was interested in the convenience of wearing a holster and the ability to quickly disassemble the gun.

The gun has a compact size, is comfortable in the hand and is easily carried in a special holster. The weight is also acceptable, after a week I got used to it, because before that I had been walking with a 10-cartridge Makarych. Every detail in this weapon is made at a high level. By purchasing this gun, you can be sure that you will not have to carry out any additional tuning, here everything is already done perfectly.

I liked the design of the Evo, which improves the accuracy of shooting. From 15 meters I easily get into a small canister. From Makarych it was much more difficult to get into the same target from the same distance. Thunderstorm-021 - durable, reliable, with excellent performance. I use it and can't get enough of it. "

At the end of our short review we invite you to familiarize yourself with its main technical characteristics:

  • 9mm PA cartridges are used for firing;
  • The length of the weapon is 180 mm;
  • Barrel length - 95 mm;
  • Weapon height - 131 mm;
  • Width - 32 mm;
  • Mass of a discharged gun - 830 g;
  • Magazine capacity - 10 rounds.

If you are looking for a good option for secretive carrying with you to reliably protect yourself in case of an attack, then this weapon is an excellent choice. It has an excellent value for money, made of durable material, therefore it breaks less often than its competitors.



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