Bus for traveling in a nuclear war

Photos of a bus developed at the 21st Research Institute, located in Bronnitsy, near Moscow, have appeared on the Internet. This bus is remarkable in that it is adapted for movement in conditions of nuclear war. The car was designed and assembled in a single copy in 1964.

The specialists of the institute have chosen the chassis of the GAZ-66 all-wheel drive truck as the basis for the bus.

The body of the bus is called "atomic". For its manufacture used sheets of double fiberglass, the space between them was filled with foam, believing that such a combination of materials could save the crew from the action of thermal radiation.

The body of the car has a relatively rounded shape, this should provide resistance to the shock wave.

Currently, the fate of this bus is unknown.

At that time

Not so long ago, it was reported that the armed forces of Ukraine will replace the GAZ-66, which is in their arsenal, with a freight vehicle manufactured in India.

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