V. Putin: Russia must actively re-equip

By 2021, in the country's armed forces, the share of modern weapons and equipment in the army and navy should be at least 70%.

This task was presented by the head of Russia, Vladimir Putin, to the leaders of the weapons concerns of our country at a meeting on state defense orders in Sochi.

Such a large-scale improvement of the weapons of the Russian army will allow it to solve the whole complex of modern and promising tasks facing the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. And at the forefront is put here - to ensure reliable defense of the country from external aggression, as well as to preserve strategic parity with competing countries.

In the current year, about 1.5 trillion rubles was allocated from the state budget for scientific design development of weapons and military equipment and their further launch into the series.

According to Vladimir Putin, the previously agreed pace of modernization of the Russian army is currently preserved. About 2000 units of the main types of armaments and military equipment: airplanes, air defense systems, ships and tanks, UAVs and S-400 - by mid-November have already been delivered to military units as part of the state defense order.

The VKS RF has already deployed Su-35S, Su-30SM, Su-34 aircraft, Ka-52, Mi-28N helicopters.

The head fleet “Admiral Gorshkov”, the newest large landing ship “Ivan Gren” and the head small rocket ship “Mytishchi”, equipped with high-precision weapons, were part of the Northern Fleet.

The Black Sea Fleet is equipped with six diesel-electric submarines, including those with the Gauges on board.

As the Supreme Commander emphasized, Russia has serious advantages in most military developments. The performance characteristics of the Russian army’s weapons are ahead of those of foreign competitors in a variety of parameters. In particular: in hypersonic speed, in the guidance and rate of fire of air defense weapons, in electronic warfare. Many modern Russian ground forces complexes are of great interest for foreign military-industrial espionage. Many land, air and sea systems have no worthy rivals in the armies of the world.

According to the head of state, such rates must be maintained. And in the future we will work on building them up in two directions: support for promising developments and the most accelerated transition to the mass production of modern weapons.

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