Russian fleet armed with "shell"

"Stavropol" refers to the category of IRAs (small rocket ships). The series of release was called "Buyan-M". When the "Pantsirya" is completed on the "Stavropol", the complex will begin to be installed not only on the Buyan series, but also on other small ships of the Russian fleet.

"Pantsir-M" - reliable protection

"Stavropol" was laid in the summer of 2018, and the construction site was chosen Zelenodolsk plant. In the series "Buyan-M" this is the 12th ship in a row. The launch of the fleet's combat unit into the water is scheduled for 2023. Previously, on the ships of this series installed automatic anti-aircraft guns. With their help, it was possible, for example, to intercept enemy missiles. But air targets (airplanes and helicopters) could not hit these systems. Pantsir-M will successfully solve this problem.

A naval version of the anti-aircraft missile artillery complex will be installed on the ships of the Russian fleet (abbreviated as ZRAK). Compared with the original, and this is the famous Pantsir-S1, past combat tests in Syria, the maritime version is improved. In particular, the indicators for firing range and target detection range have been increased.

In the Syrian military conflict, the land version of the "Shell" was used repeatedly. The weapon has proven itself to be highly effective: with its help, dozens of the most complicated targets (drones, aerostats and rocket projectiles) have been destroyed.

Equipped with a view of the Stavropol, it will be reliably protected from attacks from the air. Also, he will not be afraid of unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles.

Why precisely “Stavropol”?

Today, on a series of ships "Buyan" are two-automatic 30-mm automatic artillery installations. Sailors call them "metal cutters". According to experts, the system is reliable enough and tested many times, but it is already outdated for modern combat. Warships need full protection. The fact that it is “Stavropol” that will become the first regular carrier of the marine version of the “Shell” is by no means a random choice: the complex is rather complicated, and it takes time to complete its trimming. In addition, you will need to work with the design of the ship, with mounting systems and power supply. It also requires the integration of the system ZRAK and the ship’s radio engineering complex. At "Stavropol" all these activities can be carried out, combining with the construction progress.

After the ships of the Russian fleet receive the Pantsir-M, they will be able to withstand any modern threat in the sea. You can even hit targets on the beach.

Officially, the Pantsir-M complex is still undergoing testing. The armament MASK is not accepted. The main test site is the Shuya large missile boat, which is assigned to the Black Sea Fleet. Here "Pantsir-M" will be tested in a full cycle mode. The targets for firing will be sea, land and air targets. The second ship for testing MKR selected small rocket ship "Squall".

Characteristics "Pantsir-M"

ZRAK is able to "see" the target at a distance of 75 km. It creates a dome over a protected object with a height of 15 km and a radius of up to 40 km. At the same time, the fire is fought on 4 targets, the speed of which can be up to 3,600 m / h.

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