In the Ukrainian army, the rights of men and women will not differ

A few days ago, a new law came into force in Ukraine, equalizing the rights of men and women during military service. All information provided on the official resource of the Verkhovna Rada.

Starting from the new bill, women will be able to occupy any position and receive the same military ranks as the male half of the population. Responsibilities of both sexes are now equalized.

In the soldier and sergeant positions, women will be able to serve up to 45 years, and for officers the terms are up to 60 years. Before serving in the ranks of the Ukrainian army, they could not more than 40 years. Now women will be able to intercede in daily orders, but with the law on the protection of motherhood and childhood.

All restrictive norms for women's service in the reserve have been removed. Exceptions for participation in military training will apply only to pregnant women. The maximum age in the reserve for both men and women is now 65 years. Previously, women could retire at 50 years old.

Today in Ukraine there are about 25,000 soldiers of the fair sex. About 3000 of them occupy officer positions.

A little about the situation in our country

About 45,000 women serve on contract basis in the ranks of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. Our military structures offer them to choose one of 150 specialties. Most of the female military personnel serve in communications units, specialized training centers, medical institutions, as well as warehouses and food depots.

Every year more and more girls enter higher education institutions of the Ministry of Defense. After graduation, they receive a diploma and military rank, which opens the door to the military sphere. Without training, there is an opportunity to serve under the contract There are certain requirements: age from 18 to 40 years old, excellent health and good physical fitness. We'll have to be tested for neuro-psychological stability and pass all the sports standards.

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