Makarov pistol modernized: history and performance characteristics

This article is a review of the upgraded Makarov pistol, PMM, melee weapons. We decided to analyze in detail its tactical and technical characteristics (tth), and also to understand how PM differs from PMM.

Why was upgraded Makarov Pistol?

Makarov's pistol modernized - a nine-millimeter pistol of Russian production, designed by engineers Shigapov and Pletsky in the early nineties of the twentieth century as part of the R & D "Grach". It produces Izhevsk plant. The PM was created because of the need of the Soviet army for a compact, convenient and safe self-defense weapon for officers. That PM until the nineties was the main weapon of the police. He had to exceed the characteristics of the pistol TT.
The upgraded PMM began to produce already in ninety there was an objective need for firearms using powerful cartridges with a large stopping and punching action. At the same time, they strived to preserve the basic design of the Makarov pistol, which has repeatedly proved its reliability over 40 years of successful use.

What is the PMM

Therefore, the fire PMM is very similar to the PM, and he, in turn, was similar in design to the German pistol Walter sample twenty-seventh year. The gun is made of steel almost completely, the return spring fits the barrel, the fuse is on the gate, blocking the hammer when turned on, safely pulls the trigger off the platoon, locks the sear and the bolts. After the fuse is turned off, the first shot is made by self-arming. The latch latch is located at the bottom of the handle behind the shop window. The cheeks on the handle are plastic, brown or black, covered with fine grooves.

Video: history of the Makarov pistol

Difference of PMM from PM

The upgraded Makarov pistol differs from a PM of the fifty-first year by a magazine that was enlarged to twelve rounds. The sight of the upgraded PM is not adjustable, and the shutter delay button has become much more convenient. The design of the gun remained unchanged. Therefore, seventy percent of PMM parts are interchangeable with PM. In PMM frame strengthened and increased the weight of the shutter. The maximum possible pressure when using a powerful cartridge in the barrel increased by as much as fifteen percent, which led to increased recoil.

PMM modifications

  • PMM-8 is a type of PMM, designed for a 9X18 mm cartridge, with an eight-round magazine, a combat pistol.
  • PMM-12 - a type of PMM, designed for a cartridge caliber 9Х18 mm, with a magazine of twelve rounds.
  • IZH-70-100 or IZH-70-17A - a pistol of a sports type, model ninety-four, designed for a cartridge 9Х18 mm.
  • IZH-71-100, which is produced since September two thousand and eight of the year under the name MR-71N - a service modification designed for a cartridge 9Х17mm, has a magazine with a capacity of 10 cartridges, a combat pistol.
  • Baikal 442 is an export version of the PM, designed for a 9X18 mm cartridge, sports pistol.
  • MP-654 K is an air pistol based on PMM. 654 K is in fact an exact copy of Makarov, and it is assembled from some parts of the combat PM, all its parts are movable, and the functionality is active, you can shoot both with self-platoon and with a pre-cocked trigger.
  • The M-59 is a Makarov Chinese pistol from Norinco films.
  • The MP-371 is a signal noise gun, a copy of the PM, but instead of the live ammunition, the MP 371 shoots with the help of special cartridges with capsules inserted into them.

Specifications of the modified Makarov pistol

  • Caliber - 9 X 18.
  • The weight of an unloaded weapon is 760 grams.
  • The length of the gun - 167 millimeters.
  • The height of the gun - 127 millimeters.
  • The width of the gun - 34 millimeters.
  • Barrel length - 93.5 millimeters.
  • The principle of operation of the PMM is a semi-free rollback of the bolt with grooves in the chamber.
  • Bullet speed with PMM cartridge - 430 meters per second.
  • The speed of bullets with a PM cartridge is 315 meters per second.
  • Rate of fire - 30 v m.
  • Right-side rifling - 4.
  • The cutting step is two hundred sixty millimeters.
  • PM sighting range - 50 meters.
  • Magazine capacity - twelve rounds.

New cartridges for PMM

In addition, PMM was created to use the new 9X18 PMM cartridge with a steel core and a conical head. In this case, the initial speed of the bullet is about 420 meters per second, and its energy is 494 Joules. Its penetration and speed also increased significantly. Armor-piercing bullets of the 9X18 cartridge of the PMM have a mass of 3.55 grams. Such a bullet can pierce a Kevlar body armor with a steel plate 2.4 millimeters thick with ten meters. The reinforced version of this cartridge has an even lighter bullet in mass, but with an enhanced powder charge, more lethal force and speed of 430 meters per second. This cartridge is close in power and efficiency to the cartridge Parabellum 9Х19.

Created were also cartridges with expansive bullets with a large stopping power. Shop PMM two-row, in the upper part turning into a single-row and containing twelve rounds of ammunition. Due to the fact that a high-pulse cartridge was used, the chamber structure was changed. On its inner surface there are three helical grooves, which greatly increase the friction resistance when the sleeve moves backwards. This provides a braking effect on the cooldown and reduces recoil. The gun has ergonomic handle cheeks with side projections. The frame and the bolt were reinforced, the PMM increased the safety margin, the weapon increased in size and weight, while its fighting qualities improved.

Purpose PMM

The PMM pistol did not replace the conventional combat PM in the army and the police. In addition, the use of such powerful live ammunition such as 57-H-181-CM in standard PM often leads to damage to the gun. Due to the widespread use of such ammunition in the Armed Forces and in law enforcement structures, there was a risk that ordinary Makarov pistols would be charged with these bullets that were not designed for their strength and cause injuries to shooters or gun breakage. In addition, PMM recoil is stronger, it throws up more sharply when fired - and this makes it difficult to accurate high-speed shooting. Now the MMP uses in the FSO and in several divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the MMP is in service with the FSB in the private security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in the FSSP. In addition, PMM is used as a premium weapon.

Disadvantages PMM

In the device stores, the spring works with some overvoltage, and for this reason it quickly loses its elasticity, which leads to delays in firing. In addition, the feeder is made of poor quality plastic, so cracks are formed, the feeder wears out and it breaks a tooth.

PMM disassembly

Pistol disassembly is complete and incomplete. Incomplete disassembly is carried out in order to clean it, lubricate and inspect for faults. Full disassembly is carried out in cases where the gun needs to be thoroughly cleaned: heavily soiled, was in the rain, in the snow, if its owner is about to switch to a new lubricant or the gun needs repair. Full disassembly of the PMM cannot be frequent, as this process can accelerate the wear of the mechanisms and parts of the gun. It is worth remembering a few rules for disassembling and assembling PM and PMM:

  1. The device must be disassembled on a table or bench, and in field conditions on a clean bedding.
  2. Mechanisms and parts are put in order of disassembly, you need to handle them carefully, without sudden movements.
  3. After complete disassembly, it is worth carrying out a thorough cleaning of the weapon.
  4. First, the magazine is removed, while holding the pistol by the handle with the right hand, the thumb of the left hand retracts the magazine latch to the full, the index finger pulls down the protruding part of the magazine cover, removing it from the base.

Video: how to disassemble a Makarov pistol

How to recharge with one hand

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