Export T-90 is more efficient and cheaper than foreign analogues

At the IDEX-2019 arms exhibition in Abu Dhabi, the Uralvagonzavod presented an export version of the T-90 tank. According to the developers, this machine is a breakthrough in tank building.

The tank was specially developed for near-equatorial climates. Before the demonstration at the exhibition, he successfully overcame experimental tests at a temperature of +50 Celsius. The tank itself can dig in, overcome obstacles half a meter in height and ford the river.

According to the main indicators - protection, firepower and mobility - the T-90MS has no competitors. It is equipped with a new dynamic protection of the third generation of modular design, providing a highly effective all-perspective defense against modern anti-tank weapons. The tank is equipped with a powerful turbodiesel, providing excellent speed and maneuverability. The parameters of the engine and transmission controls the computerized complex driver.

Among the advantages of the new model are improved combat performance, price, which is traditionally lower than that of competitors, and, more importantly, ease of management. The T-72 / T-90 family of tanks are models that can be managed even by poorly trained draftees, and not just trained contract soldiers. And in comparison with the American Abrams, our T-90 is lighter, more maneuverable and cheaper.

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